Airport Lounges

Escape the bustling departure halls with airport lounges

Enjoy a touch of VIP treatment during your next layover, or a classy start to your trip. In collaboration with service providers at 120 worldwide airports, we offer international airport lounges to suit the needs and budget of every traveler.

Airport lounges worldwide

Whether you are lounging with us in London, LA, Lisbon or any of our other airport lounges, our deals are sure to include:

• Food

• Beverages

• Internet access

• Comfy seating

• Newspapers and magazines

• Flight monitors

The widest range of cheap airport lounges

With more than 200 airport lounges to choose from at 120 airports in close to 50 countries, you are sure to find a place to rest your hat between flights. It is the perfect fit for travelers needing quiet spaces to send emails or make business calls in a comfortable environment. Whatever your requirements, our affordable airport lounges will stop you from breaking the bank by paying for 1st class flights in order to enjoy VIP treatment before you fly.

I'm new to airport lounges - Why would i need one?

Foreign travel can be exhausting, especially when you have been carrying heavy bags around the world. International airport lounges are there to make the time between your flights a lot more enjoyable. Ensure that you have the facilities you need, whether you are on a 6 hour layover in Bangkok and need to freshen up, or just want time to have a drink and read the newspaper before your flight home.

Booking an airport lounge

Finding an airport lounge deal is quick and easy. Simply fill in your travel details in the quote form, specifying the following:

• Travel dates

• Airport

• Number of travelers and age (NB: Kids go free at certain airport lounges)

After selecting your preferred airport lounge and paying for your reservation, you will receive an instant email confirmation. You will need this on hand to get into the airport lounge.