Meet & Assist

Meet and assist:
Would you like to give your customers a very special welcome and exclusive service? Then the "Meet and Assist" service offered by Family tours is exactly what you’re looking for.

On request, our trained staff will accompany passengers during their time at the airport, whether on arrival, before departure, or while waiting for a connecting flight. This meet and assist service can be tailored to your individual needs. It may also include help with overcoming language barriers, when checking in or picking up luggage and finding your way around the airport.

Individual welcome:
The service is generally booked for arriving and connecting passengers. In this case, our employee meets the passenger right at the door of the aircraft or the entrance to the terminal. The employee’s “ID badge” is an individually designed welcome sign including the passenger's name, company name, logo or some other previously arranged symbol. The guest is then accompanied through the various checkpoints (security, passport control, customs) and – depending on the arrangements – to their connecting flight, a lounge or the arrivals area.

Important note: Our Meet and Assist service starts only at the terminal building.

From check-in to the gate:
Our staff is also available to assist you at departure. They support departing passengers at check-in and accompany them to one of the lounges or the gate.

Are you interested in our exclusive service? Would you like to learn more? Let us know well in advance. We are looking forward to your reservation.