Family Tours owns and operates a luxury fleet of deluxe coaches, cars, Hi Ace…etc, Offering a wide selection of vehicle sizes and models to the latest. The vehicles are dispatched and controlled through our transportation reservation system that operates accurately.

Corporate Limousine Service:

Corporate Deals
Family Tours deals with major enterprises and accommodates to the needs of businesses and clients, providing a professional introduction to a day’s meeting. Chauffeurs will transport guests in style, while they discuss business in comfort and discretion is guaranteed.

Business Solutions
Family Tours makes that extra effort to welcome businessmen in an efficient manner and provides luxury chauffeur driven transportation to the required destination.

Travel Agents
Family Tours works in conjunction with travel agencies to provide clients with chauffeur-driven limousine transfers to and from the airport, and throughout the visit.

Hotel Services
Family Tours offers hotels competitive rates, providing luxurious chauffeured limousines for their guests during their sight-seeing and any transportation requirement.

Individual Limousine Requirements:

Airport Transfers
Family Tours provides transportation services to and from the airport at competitive rates.

Inside Cairo Transportation
Family Tours offers you the chance to come to Cairo and enjoy its history and scenic beauty in comfort and style, as a professional chauffer takes them on an exclusive private tour.

Outside Cairo
Family Tours conveniently offers tourists a luxury chauffeur-driven car to transport them to other cities in Egypt. The client has the option of a one way or round trip transfer.



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